The Making

As equally obsessed with instant gratification as all of you, things take longer than we’d all like. Here’s where I’ll share the overall process for each item I’m selling so you can get a solid expectation of what it takes to get from me to you.


These babies take about 6 months from beginning to cured. Thanks to the Florida humidity, you’ll want them fully cured so that they don’t stick to your glasses (or leave awful dents). The gold leaf is sealed and they’re perfectly capable of handling hot pots, tea cups, and iced lattes with equal happiness.

break in case of boring / glitter bags

SUCH FUN! These are a multi process extravaganza, but how worth it they are! Stenciled adhesive vinyl applied to glassine bags and filled with custom blends of glitter and spangles. Literally could not get any better.

These take about 2 months to produce 100.